1. Download and install the RVM program, current version is The program requires admin rights.

2. The program will not work unless the RVM68x is connected to the USB port.

3. The default password is 9999999.

4. Click on the device name in the Device List column.

5. Set WLAN mode to STA.

6. Set the WLAN name and password. The RVM68x will not search for access points, the SSID and password must be entered here.

5. Click Program and wait for the Programming succeeded messge before disconnecting.

6. The template can be saved by clicking on the down arrowhead next to English at the top right

7. Turn the RVM68x on by holding the orange power button until the tones sound.

8. Press and hold the M button on the RVM68x until the menu appears.

9. Use the right arrow key to highlight WLAN.

10. Press the pause/right arrow button to select WLAN.

11. Use the pause/right arrow button to choose WLAN On/Off

12. Use either the left or right arrow buttons to select On.

13. Use the M button to return to the previous menu.

14. Use the left or right buttons to highlight IP address

15. Press the pause/right arrow button to show the IP address. This needs to be entered in the server program.

16. Press the M button to back out of the menus.

17. You should be able to ping the RVM68x to verify network connectivity.